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TIG Welding FAQs

You will need to order a step-up adapter.  Please contact Arc-Zone customer care for help.

The Weldcraft Flex Head TIG torch comes in two styles.

  1. WP-24FWP-9FWP-26F
  2. WP-150WP-200

The WP-24F, WP-9F and WP-26F all have 90 degree heads and feature a one-piece brazed head and copper coil assembly with a loose fitting "bellows type" silicon rubber insulation boot.  The head and coil assembly attaches to the150TB/150VTB (150 amp torch body, and torch body with valve) or the 200TB/200VTB (200 amp torch body, and 200 torch body with valve) by way of a threaded stud which allows for the easy replacement of damaged or broken heads.

The WP-150, and WP-200 series feature an interchangeable head option with a one-piece silicon rubber molded copper coil assembly.  The heads attach to the molded coil, which has a threaded stud on both ends, and the coil attaches to the 150TB (150 amp torch body), 150VTB (150 amp torch body with valve) or the 200TB (200 amp torch body), 200VTB (200 torch body with valve).  The modular design allows for the use of seven different heads styles and easy replacement of damaged or broken heads and flexible coil assemblies.

Seven Interchangeable head options available for the WP-150/200 series torches.

Part Numbers and descriptions:

  • 24 series, 70 degree head
  • 24-90 series, 90 degree head
  • 1726 series, 70 degree head
  • 1726P series, 180 degree head
  • 9-90 series, 90 degree head
  • 9-70 series, 70 degree head
  • 9P series, 180 degree head

Yes, Arc-Zone.com offers an improved foot control for the most popular TIG applications. The Hot Foot™ brand high-performance foot control is… Precise- More precise control due to state-of-the-art electronic components. Reliable- Fewer components means less wear and no mechanical maintenance! Ergonomic- Wider foot pedal for improved comfort and control. Available for Lincoln, Miller, and ESAB

A properly prepared tungsten is very important to achieving optimum TIG welds.  Proper grinding of the tungsten improves arc starting, reduces arc wandering and improves penetration.  Arc-Zone offers the perfect solution to hand grinding tungsten electrodes on a bench grinder.  We offer a variety of tungsten solutions including precision bench and hand held grinders as well as pre-ground tungsten electrodes.

A gas lens collet body provides a number of benefits for all but the most basic of applications.  The primary benefit is improved shield gas coverage.  This is achieved by flowing the shield gas past a series of concentric, layered screens of varying mesh.  These screens generate a laminar gas flow which optimizes the weld zone coverage and eliminates the turbulence created by a standard collet body which can draw in contaminants from the surrounding air.  A gas lens collet body is almost mandatory for TIG welding oxidizing materials such as aluminum.

A secondary benefit of this improved shield gas coverage is that the tungsten electrode can be extended beyond the end of the gas cup by as much as 1 inch (2.54 cm).  This electrode extension greatly improves welder visibility and can reduce tungsten inclusions and weld defects.

A trailing shield cup is used where sufficient shield gas coverage cannot be obtained with a standard collet body or even a gas lens collet body with a standard gas lens cup. Applications requiring optimal shield gas coverage are typically critical welds made on high tech materials such as aluminum and titanium alloys. Other applications of trailing shield cups may include welds with high travel speeds such as in automated set-ups.

Yes! Arc-Zone.com can usually solve any arc-welding problem with combinations of existing products. However, when an application is really challenging we can help you develop a unique solution using a variety of design engineering and manufacturing resources. Contact us with your most challenging applications.

That’s our specialty! We will help you optimize your entire welding system by matching the correct torch, parts and accessories to the output and duty cycle of the welding power supply and the welding application. Many times the power supply and torch leads are considered separately but are then expected to work correctly together. We don’t just sell torches and parts, we sell solutions to your application problems.

Most likely, no. Many original equipment manufacturers (O.E.M.’s) will suggest that using "aftermarket" parts will void the warranties on their equipment, however this very seldom actually occurs. The use of high quality parts in a high quality system is the best way to avoid equipment problems. Arc-Zone.com supplies only the highest quality products from many industry leading manufacturers including O.E.M.’s and aftermarket suppliers.

Visit our Arc-Zone.com web-site and join our mailing list. When we run specials or introduce new products, we’ll let you know.

We specialize in solving welding application problems by offering exceptional technical service and carefully selected high quality products that most equipment suppliers haven’t even heard of. We take a "total cost" approach in reviewing your application and offering a solution. We have helped thousands of manufacturers improve their welding productivity. Contact us with your requirements.

That’s our specialty! We supply proven custom products for special applications that most suppliers are not even aware of. We will solve your problem with a combination of our standard offering, but if you need something not currently offered we can probably get it for you.

Just contact us and describe what you need. We’ll do our best to acquire it for you or refer you to a place to get it.

Arc welding is a global industry serving global markets.  There are many high quality manufacturers in many parts of the world, just as there are poor quality manufacturers.  Your best option is to buy your welding products from a trusted high quality supplier like Arc-Zone.  We have carefully selected the quality products that we offer, and we know their origin.  Contact us for comparisons on any specific product.