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Tungsten Electrodes

High-Performance Tungsten Electrodes for TIG & Plasma Arc Welding

Premium tungsten electrode blends from 2% Thoriated, 1.5 and 2% Lanthanated, Ceriated, Zirconiated, Cryogenic treated and Hybrid / Tri-Mix non-radioactive.  The finest tungsten electrodes that deliver the power your welding machine was designed to deliver with crisp, snappy arc starts, and high current density for improved edge and weld puddle control.  The highest-quality tungsten brands, each manufactured to ISO 6848 and AWS A5.12 standards.

Arc-Zone delivers the industry's best Precision Ground, and Re-ground tungsten electrodes.  Pre-ground electrodes are CNC diamond ground, cut to length, cleaned and packaged to exceed your specifications.

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