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Plasma Arc Cutting

High-Quality Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC) Torches & Replacement Parts

Precision quality Plasma Arc Cutting torch packages & consumable parts.  We source only the finest replacement parts made by skilled Eastern European tradesman. Arc-Zone's technical support, and after sale service team works with you to make sure your PAC system is optimized, and the replacement parts you need are delivered when you need them. The goal is to lower your cost of operation, and reduce your parts on hand inventory -- saving you time and money!

Plasma Arc Cutting is a process in which an electronic arc ionizes a gas, creating a super-heated plasma arc column used to cut ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloys. The super-heated plasma jet is focused through a constricted orifice or tip, which directs the arc to the work piece. Advantages are high cutting speeds, and a narrow heat affected zone.

The plasma in Plasma Arc refers to the physical state assumed by a gas after it has been exposed and reacted to an extremely high temperature. It becomes an ionized state of a plasma gas, also known as the fourth state of matter. 

When cutting metal the plasma jet slices through the material and the molten dross is blown out of the cutting zone. PAC differs from oxy-fuel cutting in that the plasma process operates by using the arc to melt the metal whereas in the oxy-fuel process, the oxygen oxidizes the metal and the heat from the exothermic reaction melts the metal. Unlike oxy-fuel cutting, the PAC process can be applied to cutting metals such as stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, and other non-ferrous alloys.

Tip Sheet: Maximize Plasma Arc Cutting

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