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Automation & Positioners

Automation Welding Solutions Engineered to Improve Weld Quality, Throughput & Lower Labor Costs

Welding Automation:
Arc-Zone can help you build the perfect full or semi-automatic welding lathe in L, U, R & S configurations for semi-automatic, or full digital control based on the job and your budget.

Looking for a custom automated system?  Arc-Zone's team works with the finest systems integrators and constructors in the world.  We would be happy to engineer a purpose built system that fits your short and long term needs.

Welding Positioners:
High quality light, medium and heavy-duty positioners built with analog or digital controls  

We deliver Three Jaw chucks from 6" to 25", Gripper chucks from 20" to 65" and low-profile Speed chucks. We have the chuck to help you get the job done! 

Turning Rolls:
Light, medium and heavy-duty turning rolls and idlers from 2,000 lb - to - 180 ton capacity.  Turning rolls designed to improve circumferential welds with fast pay-back, improved operator safety and minimized maintenance

Welding Manipulators:
Constant speed power mast with capacity from 150 - to - 400 lb with automatic and manual settings, and optional motorized travel car.

Welding Oscillators:
Linear and Angle type Oscillators built with easy to operator pendants.

Floor Turntables:
20,000 lbs capacity, 0.1 to 1.0 RPM, 65" diameter table

Automation Accessories
Choose from motorized and manual X/Y axis and rotating torch slides, manual and pneumatic torch lifts, idler stands, tail stocks etc.  Everything you need to build a new automation system, or upgrade an existing one.

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