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Vortex Pro Kit: 9, 20 & 2 Series

Vortex Pro Kit: 9, 20 & 2 Series


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Vortex Pro Kit: 9, 20 & 2 Series
Vortex Pro Kit: 9, 20 & 2 Series
Vortex Pro Kit: 9, 20 & 2 Series


Vortex™ Anodized Aluminum TIG Nozzle Kit.  This bullet proof, machined aluminum nozzle fits your WP-9, 20, CS310, CK, 2, 9 and 20 Model TIG torches and is virtually indestructible! Everything needed to convert your WP-9, 20 and CK 2 series TIG torch to the Vortex™ Gas Nozzle in one convenient high-quality kit box.

Weld Like a Pro with the Vortex™ Gas Nozzle. Engineered to Deliver a Large Umbrella of Shielding Gas for Consistent TIG Weld-Quality, Reduced Post-Weld Clean-up and Weld Discoloration.

AK-VTNK-920-Pro™ Kit Includes:
One Ea. Vortex™ Gas Nozzle
Three Ea. Gas Diffuser Biskets
Two Ea. 1/16" (1.6mm), 3/32" (2.4mm) & 1/8"(3.2mm) Collets, Gas Lens Collet Bodies
Two Ea. No.7 - 7/16" (11.5mm) Orifice Gas Lens Alumina Nozzle
Two Ea. No.8 - 1/2" (12.7mm) Orifice Gas Lens Alumina Nozzle
One Ea. Teflon Nozzle Gasket
One Ea. 1/16", 3/32" & 1/8" ArcTime™ Hybrid Non-Radioactive Tungsten Electrodes
One Ea. Short Back Cap
One Ea. Medium Back Cap
One Ea. Long Back Cap
One Ea. Spare Back Cap O-Ring

Bonus -- You Get a Handy TIG Welding Calculator -- and -- Joe Welder's™ "Guide to Optimizing Your TIG Torch" -- and -- The Popular Articles on "How-to-Select" -- and -- "How-to-Grind" Your Tungsten Electrodes for Optimum TIG Welding Performance!

Parts Compatible with all WP-9, 20, 20F, Crafter Series CS310, CK-2 and Speedway 320 Series TIG Torches from Weldcraft, WeldTec, TecTorch, CK, Radnor, BestWelds, Master TIG, Profax, Diamond Back, Lincoln etc.

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Vortex Pro Kit: 9, 20 & 2 Series

4.5 of 5 Stars! (5)

4.5 out of 5 stars

Added:  by

4 of 5 Stars!
I bought this kit for the express purpose of welding tube clusters that require excessive tungsten length. I found that the Vortex cup itself is robust, well machined and nicely finished in a tough hard anodise. It works very well and is far more durable than Pyrex cups. There however is a few minor points that I would mention, the plastic threaded insert was not fixed into the aluminium cup, either by adhesive or mechanical means. I am unsure if this is by design or not. The ‘Biskets’ that act as the diffuser seems to be made from Scotchbrite fibre abrasive pad but it works quite well. I also have better performance using a larger diameter than strictly necessary electrode, for example a 3/32 where I would normally use a 1/16. This prolongs the life of fibre diffuser. Otherwise it is a useful accessory for difficult welding tasks.

Added:  by

4 of 5 Stars!
After using this nozzle I found that its very close in function to the Monster Nozzle. The added benefits to upgrading to this one would be the durability factor and the diffuser bisket cap. I've drop this one a few times with no chipping of the coating and no damage to the nozzle. With the diffuser cap you have the insurance that the bisket will not drop out randomly.

With all that said with any larger nozzle you will have space limitations but your tungsten stick out can be greater.

For a few examples please see me on instagram @MishlerMadeFab

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5 of 5 Stars!
I just started running it on my wp9 w/ .040 tungsten and it works great on thin wall tube. It's not to heavy and feels well balanced. Like mentioned above, it's machined from aluminum, then anodized, which makes it non electrically conductive and super durable compared to the ceramic cups. The diffuser is also retained via a threaded cap which is a great idea! More pics on instagram, #turbo_fx. Thanks for a great cup and for the two previous reviews :)

Added:  by

5 of 5 Stars!
This Vortex nozzle has been a great addition to my welding arsenal!

Lets start with the durability of the aluminum construction of this cup. First thing I accidently did with it was fumble it when I pulled it out of its packaging and dropped it on the concrete floor (ouch!!). When I picked it up I expected it to be dented and at least the black finish to be chipped off… Nope! It was still in perfect condition! The anodized finish is tough and no dents in the cup.

Another key point is that this nozzle does use a diffuser biscut which are cheap to replace but has amperage restrictions to about 130amps. It also has a great threaded retaining ring to ensure that it keeps the diffuser from falling out overtime.

I would recommend this product to anyone working with stainless steel, steel or light gauge aluminum. I used it on a lot of stainless sheet metal with great results! The gas coverage was amazing and when set up right I was getting pure gold welds(about 30cfh).

If you would like to see this nozzle in action or more photos of what it can do, check me out on Instagram @Wicked_Welding

Added:  by

4 of 5 Stars!
After spending some time with Vortex nozzle, I am confident this can be a useful tool in every welders tool kit.

I have used the setup a couple of weeks now and found that the gas coverage on this nozzle is as advertised, which is simply excellent! I have been getting extremely consistent weld quality and I am very pleased with the rugged design of the nozzle, I am pretty hard on stuff. The nozzle is lightweight on the end of the torch and the threaded ring cap is a nice feature.

This set up is ideal for guys and gals working tube, chassis, thin sanitary pipe and precision work.. The nozzle performed flawlessly on thin stainless, sheet metal, and thin gauge aluminum, which I have been working a lot of lately. I was definitely pleased with the appearance of the welds. I have pushed this thing to its limits and it has definitely found a place in my arsenal. The only limitation is, if you run too much amperage through it, the diffuser bisket will burn up , leaving you with a sad face .

All in all I think this is a great setup with some pretty cool engineering put into it. I think most welders will find this nozzle is worth the price and will benefit them, especially when it comes to precision work and on the tedious thinner materials.

If you want o check out my work, you can find me @jalumo1973 on Instagram. Cheers !!