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Vortex Pro Kit: 17, 18, 26 & 3 Series


Vortex Pro Kit: 17, 18, 26 & 3 Series



After spending some time with Vortex nozzle, I am confident this can be a useful tool in every welders tool kit.

I have used the setup a couple of weeks now and found that the gas coverage on this nozzle is as advertised, which is simply excellent! I have been getting extremely consistent weld quality and I am very pleased with the rugged design of the nozzle, I am pretty hard on stuff. The nozzle is lightweight on the end of the torch and the threaded ring cap is a nice feature.

This set up is ideal for guys and gals working tube, chassis, thin sanitary pipe and precision work.. The nozzle performed flawlessly on thin stainless, sheet metal, and thin gauge aluminum, which I have been working a lot of lately. I was definitely pleased with the appearance of the welds. I have pushed this thing to its limits and it has definitely found a place in my arsenal. The only limitation is, if you run too much amperage through it, the diffuser bisket will burn up , leaving you with a sad face .

All in all I think this is a great setup with some pretty cool engineering put into it. I think most welders will find this nozzle is worth the price and will benefit them, especially when it comes to precision work and on the tedious thinner materials.

If you want o check out my work, you can find me @jalumo1973 on Instagram. Cheers !!
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