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Tungsten Electrode Grinders

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Turbo-4 Light-Duty Tungsten Electrode Grinder, .040"-1/8"

[Part# MWL-MT-10M] [Vendor's Part# MT-10M]


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5 of 5 Stars!
Scott, a fabricator in Saugus, Calif. placed his order through his local Airgas store but he was not real excited about the Turbo 4 because he was not familiar with it. "I've only used the Piranha 2 and 3's at my previous jobs, and at the welding school."

When he got his new machine, and gave it work out, he called to tell us he was blown away. "This machine is so trick you can dial in just the right angle, and the degree selector clicks and lets you know it's registered at the selected angle -- that sure beats a degree scale and pointer!"

He went on to say that he really likes how you can change the pick up point on the wheel, and measure your movement across the face of the wheel as it wears, "No more guesswork!" he said.

Perhaps best of all, however, is the ability to put a "two-stage" grind angle on the electrode, "It's awesome, and really allows us to tailor our electrodes for a variety of welding jobs."