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Orbitalum ESG Plus Tungsten Grinder


Orbitalum ESG Plus Tungsten Grinder

[OCW-790 052-- (Triad TTG Plus)]

Starting at: $936.00

The Orbitalum tungsten grinder by far is the best, most versatile and smoothest cutting tungsten grinder I have ever used!

This simple to use grinder can be used with four different size tungstens at multiple cutting angles without making any set up changes to it. The grinders head is already set up to except the most common tungsten sizes out of the box.

The cut quality on the tungsten make the arc start so crisp and immediate. That is a huge advantage if your welding thin material where that static start could blow a hole in the material. Also with having that precise of a cut it will help maintain the point longer.

This grinder is probably best suited for fab shops, aerospace welding and production shops. The price is a bit high for the average home shop person but for the precision of the cut its well worth it.

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