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Torch Pkg, W/5" Torch & 12.5' Vinyl Cables

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[Part# WP-125L-12] [Vendor's Part# WP-125L-12]


Torch Pkg, W/5\" Torch & 12.5\' Vinyl Cables
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Product Description


Standard Micro TIG Torch Package (Long Torch Body).
125 Amp Water-Cooled. 5" (127mm) Long Torch Body with 12.5' (3.8m) Vinyl Power, Water and Gas Hose Set. Note: 160 Amp (DCSP) Rating When Using 3/32" (2.4mm) Electrode and Quartz Nozzles. Includes 1/16" (1.6mm) 45 Degree Electrode Chuck and Gas Nozzle.


If you plan to use your Water-Cooled Micro TIG torch on a power supply with threaded stud connectors, use the U.S. Hook-up instructions. If your power supply has International DINSE connectors (see Arc-Zone.com recommended Weldcraft® QCS connectors), use the International Dinse-style Hook-up instructions.

Once the power supply connection is established, you are ready to set-up and maximize the performance of your Weldcraft® water-cooled TIG torch, before moving on to the below listed WP-125 torch specific getting started guidelines.


Note: This torch is a delicate instrument and should be setup carefully to ensure long parts life and high-quality welds.

Arc-Zone.com® recommends ArcTimeú high-performance cut-to-length and pre-ground tungsten electrodes to improve your micro TIG welding quality and productivity. ArcTimeú is a high-performance non-radioactive formula that runs cooler, resists contamination and maintains tip geometry longer than any tungsten on the market. Excessive heat transfer from "standard" Thoriated, Lanthanated and other type electrodes cause premature chuck and gas nozzle failure.

Tungsten Electrode Positioning/Tightening Instructions:


  • Tighten all but 180° straight style chucks using the inserted tungsten as a lever by rotating clockwise (see Fig. 1). Note: Take care to rotate nozzle simultaneously so as not to force tungsten against nozzle causing breakage.
  • Adjust Tungsten length so that rear of tungsten is flush with rear of chuck as shown; (Figs. 2,3, and 4) and protudes approx. 1/8" beyond the nozzle.
  • When using the P/N (125N90S) low profile 90° nozzle, the two gas lens screens that are included should be positioned inside the nozzle so that the electrode holes in the screens are aligned with the nozzle orifice. The tungsten should be inserted through the nozzle orifice, electrode holes in the screen, and then through the electrode holes in the chuck.
  • Tighten 180o straight style chucks (Fig. 5) with Weldcraft Chuck Wrench P/N (53N20). Length of tungsten (1/16" or smaller) is determined by model (length) of WP-125 torch.


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