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Torch Pkg, W/12.5' One-Piece Superflex Cable

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MPN: CK-812HSF-Pro
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Make it a Pro Package™

Torch Pkg, W/12.5\' One-Piece Superflex Cable
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Product Description


Torch Package, 12.5' One-Piece SuperFlex.  80 Amp Air-Cooled Low-Profile, Front-Loading Torch Body With 60° Rigid Head, and 12.5' (3.8m) One-Piece SuperFlex Rubber Cable.

CK-80 TIG Torch Specifications:

Amperage: 80 amp ACHF or DCSP @100% Duty Cycle
Torch Length:  8-1/4 in (20.9 cm)
Torch body weight:  2-1/4 oz (64 gm)
Parts: 8 Series Parts (CK80, 90, 180, CWH180, 24, 24W)

The Right Tools Make All the Difference!

Choose the Make-it-a-Pro™ Upgrade, and Arc-Zone will Assemble Your Torch Package from End-to-End.
Weld Like a Pro™… Right out of the Box.

Each Pro Torch Package Includes:

  • TIG Torch with Premium SuperFlex Rubber Power Cable
  • Ultra Low Profile 1/16" (1.6mm) Front End Parts Installed:
    • Pre-Ground ArcTime™ Hybrid Non-Radioactive Tungsten Electrode
    • High-Temperature #6, 3/8” (9.5mm) Lava Gas Nozzle (light brown)
    • Gas Lens Collet
    • Gas Lens Collet Body
    • Teflon Gas Nozzle Insulator
  • Extra Pink Alumina Gas Nozzle
  • 2 ea. Additional Pre-Ground ArcTime™ Tungsten Electrodes
  • Handy TIG Welding Slide Chart that Makes Torch Set-up & Conversion Easy
  • Gas Flow Tester to Measure Your Torch’s Gas Flow Rate at the Nozzle, Where it Matters!
  • Joe Welder's™ Guide to Optimizing Your TIG Torch Performance

The Arc-Zone® Pro™ Series is the Ultimate High-Performance TIG Torch Package, Assembled by The TIG Welding Experts at Arc-Zone.com®

Everything You Need to Optimize Your TIG Torch, and Get the Best Quality Welds -- Right out of the Box!

Note:  Dinse or power block machine connector is not included. See the link below, consult your owner’s manual, or contact us to help you select the right connector for your machine and torch.

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