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Titanium 1600 Replacement Front Lens Gasket

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[Part# MIL-245813] [Vendor's Part# 245813]


Titanium 1600 Replacement Front Lens Gasket
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Product Description


Replacement front lens gasket for Miller's Titanium 1600 welding helmet.

Parts Breakdown:

  1. MIL-243530:  Titanium 1600, 7300, & 9400 helmet shell
  2. MIL-216327:  Titanium 9400/9400i inside lens cover 4.5" (114.3mm) x 2" (50.8mm)
    MIL-770237:  Titanium 7300 inside lens cover 4.5" (114.3mm) x 2" (50.8mm)
    MIL-235628:  Titanium 1600 inside lens cover 5.25" (133.3mm) x 4.5" (114.3mm)
  3. MIL-245817:  Titanium 9400/9400i auto-darkening lens assembly/filter plate 
    MIL-145816:  Titanium 7300 & Performance series auto-darkening lens assembly/filter plate
    MIL-235630:  Titanium 1600 lens assembly & #10 filter plate
  4. MIL-241997:  Titanium 9400/9400i front lens gasket
    MIL-245814:  Titanium 7300 front lens gasket
    MIL-245813:  Titanium 1600 front lens gasket
  5. MIL-216326:  Elite, Digital Elite, & Titanium series front lens cover
  6. MIL-243396:  Titanium 1600, 7300, & 9400 front lens holder
  7. MIL-770246:  Complete replacement headgear assembly for Miller welding helmets (includes parts 8 & 9)
  8. MIL-770248:  Adjustment angle/stop hardware kit for Miller welding helmets
  9. MIL-770249:  Fabric headband for Miller welding helmets
  10. MIL-216336:  Foam Rubber Comfort Cushion 
  11. MIL-216339:  Elite, Digital Elite, & Titanium series battery tray kit (left/right)
    MIL-217043:  Lithium CR2450 battery for Miller auto-darkening welding helmets


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