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CK Worldwide TIG Machine

The New MasterTIG Welding Machine From CK Worldwide!

If you're in the market for a new TIG welder --look no further-- the New MasterTIG MT200-AC/DC welding machine from CK Worldwide is a big step up from entry level import machines. Best of all, it's backed by Arc-Zone & CK Worldwide -- Day-in & Day-out we've been driving TIG welding innovation for more than 35 years!

Don't waste your valuable time and money dealing with hassles related to buying inferior equipment. Sure, there are lower-cost machines available, but what happens if the machine needs replacement parts or has a warranty repair issue? Where do you send it? Who do you talk to? Where will the seller be in 5 years?

The MasterTIG MT200 AC/DC welding machine is simple to operate and it's easy to fine tune for your welding jobs no matter what your skill level. The robust portable design allows you to easily tackle welding projects from basic fabrication, to aerospace and nuclear applications.

MT200 AC/DC TIG Welding System

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MT200 AC/DC TIG Welding System

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MT200 AC/DC TIG Welding System

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MT200 AC/DC TIG Welding System

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