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Pro Accessory Kits™ - Monster™, Stubby & LowRider™ Cups

Our Premiere Accessory Kits Let You Dial In Your TIG Torch for Quality Welds on All Materials & Hard to Reach Joints

Arc-Zone Pro Kits™ Step Up Your TIG Parts Game

Dial-in and personalize your TIG torch to do virtually any job that comes in the shop door.  Arc-Zone Pro Accessory Kit™ help you reach the tighest joints and get the best quality welds every time.  Each kit is assembled by the TIG welding experts at Arc-Zone.com® and include the highest quality parts available.

Generic TIG torch parts supplied with your welding machine will get you started welding, but if you want to weld aluminum, stainless steel, high-carbon steel, titanium and other exotic alloys you need to step-up your front-end parts game!  Say goodby to a bunch of misc parts in your tool box drawer, and say hello to a convenient Arc-Zone® Pro Kit!   Each kit box is designed with individual part cells with an assembly guide, making it simple to re-order only the parts you need.

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