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Tungsten Electrode Grinders

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Sharpie SD™ 20° Fixed Grind Angle

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4 of 5 Stars!
For a base model tungsten grinder the Sharpie SD sure provides a professional grind!

I have used this grinder for four years and has been a excellent tool. The diamond wheels are very reasonably priced and last a long time. The wheels are also double faced. Which means once the one side is wore out you can flip it over and use the backside.

Cut quality and simplicity is what I like about this grinder. Just stick the tungsten in, twist a few times and you have a consistent cut angle and cut finish. The tungsten collets are easy to change out to adjust to different sizes of tungsten.

This machine is very light weight verses any other grinder Arc-Zone provides. It has a handy steel loop on the back that provides a great place to hang the grinder from when not in use. I hung mine from my Tig machine.

This grinder has a place in many settings. Ideal for home shops and small fab shops. Small enough to keep by your side on your bench and not be in the way. The price is on point!

Check me out on Instagram and say hi. Come see what I can do with a properly ground tungsten @Wicked_Welding