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Tungsten Electrode Grinders

Click to see larger version of Sharpie DX™ Adjustable 15°- 45° Grind Angle

Sharpie DX™ Adjustable 15°- 45° Grind Angle

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I used the Sharpie DX in lab last evening (Wed., Sep. 22, 2010), and was pleased with a noticeable and verifiable improvement in my welds. The Sharpie DX has allowed me greater control of another of the many variables associated with the manual version of the GTAW/TIG process. This is in comparison to the bench grinding method I'd been using.

I shared my Sharpie DX with one of my classmates, who is further advanced than I and works by day as an off-road race truck component-fabricator. He was amazed at the arc control the properly ground electrode provided. The simple fact that both of us did not have to recondition our electrodes during the three hour lab made me believe my decision to purchase the Sharpie DX was smart. The proof was in the puddle!

Early adoption of a Sharpie DX tungsten grinder would have allowed us to advance our skills more rapidly and with less frustration than we've experienced thus far.

Thank you for your excellent customer service, friendly staff, great documentation and a simple solution that meets my needs.

Todd Rosene
Student - OCC Welding Technology Program