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Sharpie DX™ Adjustable 15°- 45° Grind Angle

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Sharpie DX™ Adjustable 15°- 45° Grind Angle
Sharpie DX™ Adjustable 15°- 45° Grind Angle
Sharpie DX™ Adjustable 15°- 45° Grind Angle
Sharpie DX™ Adjustable 15°- 45° Grind Angle
Sharpie DX™ Adjustable 15°- 45° Grind Angle
Sharpie DX™ Adjustable 15°- 45° Grind Angle
Sharpie DX™ Adjustable 15°- 45° Grind Angle
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Product Description

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Premium Sharpie™ Brand "DX" Deluxe Model Hand-Held Tungsten Grinder with Adjustable Grind Angle. The Safe, Convenient & Portable Tungsten Grinding Solution!

The Sharpie™ DX adjusts for a wide range of grind angles/tapers from 15°- 45° degrees (included angle) for virtually any TIG welding application.


The grinder's double-sided diamond wheel delivers precise longitudinal grinds on electrode sizes, .040", 1/16", 3/32" and 1/8" (1.0mm, 1.6mm, 2.4mm and 3.2mm). Minimum tungsten grind length is 1-1/4” (31.7mm). Note: .040" (1.0mm) collet sold separately.


Quick and consistent electrode preparation for improved weld-quality. Easily add a tip flat for longer electrode tip life and reduced weld contamination. The built-in cut-off option allows you to remove only contaminated portions of the electrode. No more breaking electrodes which causes splintering of the tungsten, reducing electrode performance.


Safe and easy to use -- Grind electrodes in the shop or in the field. Shielded grinding wheel eliminates safety issues common with "side" or "wheel" type grinders which can grab the electrode and shoot it back at the operator.


Diamond ground electrodes reduce tungsten consumption and waste. No more wearing out belt sander belts, or grinding deep grooves into your bench grinder wheels.  Your shop will be cleaner, safer and more productive.  The reversible long-life diamond wheel means low replacement part costs.

Upgrade To A Sharpie Pro Kit! -- Save 25%

Sharpie™ Weld Like a Pro Kit:
Includes our most popular accessory items. You get a rugged storage case, the .040" (1.0mm) collet and a replacement double-sided diamond grinding wheel, for just $50.00 (25% savings)

Sharpie Operation Manual (.pdf)
Sharpie Replacement Parts List (.pdf)
Tungsten Grinder Selector (.pdf)
Grinding Tungsten (.pdf)

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Sharpie DX™ Adjustable 15°- 45° Grind Angle

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5 of 5 Stars!
cool little grinder faster and better then a bench grinder doesnt heat up the tungsten while grinding a big plus no burnt finger tips and its by far the least expensive of all the tungsten grinders out their thank you arc-zone

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5 of 5 Stars!
I just received this Sharpie and think it's just great. It will sharpen the tungsten fast and accurately every time. No more contaminated tungsten's and no need to have a dedicated bench grinder anymore. This unit will cut the contaminated tungsten and sharpen it fast. Spending the extra $'s for the Deluxe model was a wise choice as well with the extra grinding wheel and storage case. The unit is built very well and runs very smooth plus it has a variable speed adjustment and a trigger lock.If your trying to obtain the perfect Tig weld this is a must have and this is absolutely the right place to buy it.

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5 of 5 Stars!
I used the Sharpie DX in lab last evening (Wed., Sep. 22, 2010), and was pleased with a noticeable and verifiable improvement in my welds. The Sharpie DX has allowed me greater control of another of the many variables associated with the manual version of the GTAW/TIG process. This is in comparison to the bench grinding method I'd been using.

I shared my Sharpie DX with one of my classmates, who is further advanced than I and works by day as an off-road race truck component-fabricator. He was amazed at the arc control the properly ground electrode provided. The simple fact that both of us did not have to recondition our electrodes during the three hour lab made me believe my decision to purchase the Sharpie DX was smart. The proof was in the puddle!

Early adoption of a Sharpie DX tungsten grinder would have allowed us to advance our skills more rapidly and with less frustration than we've experienced thus far.

Thank you for your excellent customer service, friendly staff, great documentation and a simple solution that meets my needs.

Todd Rosene
Student - OCC Welding Technology Program

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5 of 5 Stars!
I have had my DX for over a year and it works great. I still have the original grinding wheel on it. I was hesitant to buy it becacuse it was so much cheaper than all the other tungsten grinders but I have never looked back this is a quality product at a great price.

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5 of 5 Stars!
This grinder is a must have. The tip flat capability really helped my setup. Thanks guys!
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