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Gas Saver™ Pyrex TIG Nozzles

Click to see larger version of Large Gas Saver Push-On Nozzles for 17/18/26 (3-Series) Torches

Large Gas Saver Push-On Nozzles for 17/18/26 (3-Series) Torches

[Part# CK-4A18GSLD] [Vendor's Part# 4A18GSLD]


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5 of 5 Stars!
I have spent some quality time with the CK #18 cup, and I am impressed to say the least !!

The large 1 1/8 opening gives you the ultimate in gas coverage. It is unlike anything I have used in the past, and I am loving my results! Used with the gas saver series diffuser, and the large diameter push-on-collet body the set up has worked really well for me. I will admit I am not a cup walking pro by any means, but the larger diameter makes walking a little easier even for me . HAHA !!!

I have used the set up on mild steel, stainless, aluminum and some cast-steels that can be pretty challenging to work with. This set up will really shine on weldments where maximum gas coverage is a must. You guys and gals welding exotics on the daily will really benefit from this killer set up.

The CK quality is top-notch , and I have found the cup to be extremely durable. I am a bit hard on my gear, and working around heavy equipment can hard on equipment to say the least.

Check me out on Instagram @jalumo1973 if you want to see the set up in action . BLAZE ON !!!!