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State-of-the-Art Oxygen Indicator / Monitor

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Ref# PGE-Pro2 Plus
MPN: 90 000 008


State-of-the-Art Oxygen Indicator / Monitor
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Product Description

 PGE-Pro2 Plus (90 000 008)

The Pro2-plus oxygen indicator/monitor is well suited for many welding applications where critical weld standards are required.  Used for Production of Semi-conductors, Nuclear, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Dairy, Brewery and Food processing require strict welding guide lines to eliminate weld-quality issues associated with atmosphere contaminated welds.

The Pro2-plus oxygen sensor enables Welders and Welding Engineers on the job site or in the shop to precisely monitor rest oxygen levels to the point where precision welding can take place, resulting in “perfect conditions” for consistent high-quality welds day in and day out.

The Pro2-plus oxygen indicator contains a stabilized zirconium oxide cell with a regulated heater to maintain a cell temperature of 750°C which enables it to accurately measure levels from 206400 ppm down to levels as low as 1 ppm.

The zirconium oxide ceramic sensor utilized in the Pro2-plus provides very accurate readings, with a deviation of less than 5% in the 1 to 10 ppm range. This means that its resolution is ½ a part per million (ppm).

The Pro2-plus’s portable configuration can be unplugged for up to one hour, before the internal battery must be recharged. Making it ideal for testing weld joints in the shop, or in the field!

* Automatically detects common line voltages from 100V - 240V AC.
* Programmable audio alert, date and time function.
* Built in documentation function.
* Connectors for RS 232 interface and Bluetooth.
* Can-Bus interface for data logging via PC.
* Range from 206400 ppm down to levels as low as 1 ppm.
Internal rechargeable battery
* Digital flow sensor for regulated flow of sample gas.
* High performance zirconium sensor.


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