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Vortex™ TIG Nozzle

Click to see larger version of Vortex #16 Nozzle 9/20 & 2-Series TIG Torches

Vortex #16 Nozzle 9/20 & 2-Series TIG Torches

[Part# 916-90210] [Vendor's Part# 916-90210]


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The cup is machined anodized aluminum with a glued in rubber/plastic bushing to thread onto the collet body. Melted that piece.

The biskets melted instantly.

I will probably be machining a new bushing and welding it onto the cup.

Instead of using the biskets I'm going to punch some round pieces of fine mesh to fit behind the threaded ring at the end of the cup.

I didn't see that this had limitations on amperage but it seems like a good cup for light amperage work.