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Vortex™ TIG Nozzle

Click to see larger version of Vortex #16 Nozzle 9/20 & 2-Series TIG Torches

Vortex #16 Nozzle 9/20 & 2-Series TIG Torches

[Part# 916-90210] [Vendor's Part# 916-90210]


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5 of 5 Stars!
This Vortex nozzle has been a great addition to my welding arsenal!

Lets start with the durability of the aluminum construction of this cup. First thing I accidently did with it was fumble it when I pulled it out of its packaging and dropped it on the concrete floor (ouch!!). When I picked it up I expected it to be dented and at least the black finish to be chipped off… Nope! It was still in perfect condition! The anodized finish is tough and no dents in the cup.

Another key point is that this nozzle does use a diffuser biscut which are cheap to replace but has amperage restrictions to about 130amps. It also has a great threaded retaining ring to ensure that it keeps the diffuser from falling out overtime.

I would recommend this product to anyone working with stainless steel, steel or light gauge aluminum. I used it on a lot of stainless sheet metal with great results! The gas coverage was amazing and when set up right I was getting pure gold welds(about 30cfh).

If you would like to see this nozzle in action or more photos of what it can do, check me out on Instagram @Wicked_Welding