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Cold Wire Feed Machines & Parts

Cold Wire Feeder Machines Save 20-40% on Welding Wire Costs & Eliminate Stub Waste for Improved TIG/GTAW Productivity & Weld Quality

Semi-automatic, cold wire-feed machines are productivity-enhancing tools that are engineered to improve your TIG weld-quality, efficiency, lower your welding labor costs and allow for quick and consistent filler metal verification.  Increase TIG welding productivity by eliminating time-consuming arc stops-and-starts common with cut-length-rod.

Save 20-40% on filler metal costs-- Why? Because spooled-wire is less expensive than 36" (0.9m) cut-length TIG rod, additionally the unused rod end waste is eliminated saving you time and money!

Continuously feed spooled wire Improves weld quality by reducing variables common with starting and stopping welds to get another stick of wire.  Spooled wire provides quick and consistent filler metal verification eliminating the potential weld quality problems associated with unidentified 36" (.09m) cut length welding wire. No more Flag Tags - no more stub end waste!