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Magnetic Ground Clamps

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PowerBase™ Magnetic Grounding Clamp

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5 of 5 Stars!
I just got this strong hand 500 amp magnetic ground clamp in and have purchased the magtech 300 amp. I didn't like the 300 amp for the simple fact the magnet wasn't very strong on pipe, it will work great for at home. The Strong hand 500 amp is a stronger magnet and when placing it on a pipe in the vertical position 2G it doesn't want to slide like the magtech 300. When welding out in the refineries it is always a problem find a good ground clamp so this was and excellent purchase to add to my arsenal. I would advice against getting a 300 and stick with the 500 amp. The magtech that arc-zone sells in the 600 amp is probably a better purchase because I assume it will have a stronger magnet as well. You want the stronger magnet because usually there is a big 2/0 power cable attached and all that extra weight added it will want to pull itself off the pipe. I may still have to bungie cord it to the pipe but maybe not as often. Over all I think this will be a better ground and can't wait to try it it.