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Multi-Purpose Metal Working Pliers

[SHT-PG6-- & SHT-PG1--]

Starting at: $11.61

I bought these to clamp shear plates to truck frames to transfer holes. I replaced the cheesy little screw with a 3.5 inch spacer I made in my lathe. I had to grind the surfaces where the jam nuts meet the clamp arms to register square which is a manufacturer defect IMHO. The point of pivot is not Ideal for me, The fixed arm would be best with about another inch of reach deep. If the depth on either isn't just center the pads don't meet just right, as long as you can keep the arms parallel you are ok. Just like all strong hand grips the adjustment screw is touchy. This tool fills a need for me that nothing else can. The depth of the throat lets you get adequate clamping force while still getting far enough in to be on a true flat. 18r's are worthless for the operation I use them for, not enough force with those.
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