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Accessory Kits: Pro, Monster & Gas Saver

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Monster Pro Kit: 9/20 & 2-Series Torches

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Ive used the monster nozzle for a week straight now and I'm impressed. I weld a lot of 14ga and 10ga 304l stainless in multiple positions and joint fit up and this cup has given me excellent gas coverage for everything that I've used it on. In fact I've never used a cup set up that has ever gave me such good gas coverage. I do a lot of weaving on wide welds and I always was never happy with my #8 gas lens gas coverage but the monster nozzle was able to cover my wide weave welds and the results I couldn't be happier with.

A few advantages of the monster nozzle are that is has a simple construction which makes ordering replacement parts easy and also it uses a standard collet and gas lens. Another great thing is that the monster nozzle has is the price point. For the $33.50 you pay its the best bang for your buck on the market.

The monster nozzle would be a great advantage to anyone that welds on stainless steel, titanium or steel if a long tungsten stick out is required. It is a great everyday tool for anyone that Tig welds on weldments that have to be aesthetically pleasing.

This monster nozzle is very versatile also. It can be used with multiple types of materials and positions. I even put this nozzle to the test on Arc Zones DIY semi-automation kit with great results.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend the Monster Nozzle kit to anyone that Tig welds on stainless steel, titanium or steel that requires a long tungsten stick out and wide gas coverage. The price of $33.50 can't be beat and its uses are awesome.

If you want to see the Monster Nozzle in action or the welds it produces check me out on Instagram @Wicked_Welding