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Monster™ TIG Nozzles

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Monster #16 Kit: 9/20 & 2-Series Torches

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This cup is a great inexpensive solution for oversized gas coverage! i've used this cup extensively on Stainless steel and have been extremely satisfied. The extra gas coverage was immediately noticeable, after the first test bead I laid down the HAZ band was drastically narrower, and the coloration of the cooled bead was much better; mostly clears and golds. I also like that this cup works with standard gas lenses too. The scotch brite biskets, are rated to 150 Amps, I believe, but the majority of welding I do rarely gets that hot, so no complaints here. I have yet to try this cup on Ti or Inco, but feel pretty confident it will hold it's own. I typically run this cup around 25 cfh with about a 1/2"-3/4" stick out, I've even heard some people are able to run this set up at 10cfh too! So, naturally their is a little test time setting it up before putting this cup to work. If you need extra gas coverage, this is by far the most cost effective solution. To get the best results, I would suggest picking up gas flow tester too, an added assurance that things wont go south on you. It's crazy to see the difference between what your flowmeter reads and what gas flow you actually get at the torch.