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Monster #16 Kit: 9/20 & 2-Series Torches

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Starting at:  $43.50

Monster #16 Kit: 9/20 & 2-Series Torches
Monster #16 Kit: 9/20 & 2-Series Torches
Monster #16 Kit: 9/20 & 2-Series Torches
Monster #16 Kit: 9/20 & 2-Series Torches
Monster #16 Kit: 9/20 & 2-Series Torches
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Product Description

Monster16™ Flooding Cup Kit (Select Electrode Size From Drop Down Menu Above)

Monster-Size Your Kit!  Get a second #16 Monster Nozzle with Installed Screen Stack for only $28--That's over 20% Savings!!! 

Monster16™ TIG Nozzle Kit. #16 = 1(25.4mm) Orifice x 1-1/8" (28.5mm) Long.  Cup kit engineered to deliver a coherent stream of shielding gas for improved weld-quality, consistency and reduced post weld clean-up.

If you're welding exotic materials such as Titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel, Stainless Steel, Chromoly, Docol R8, etc., then these cups may be exactly what you need to improve gas coverage, arc stability, tungsten stick-out, and visibility. Best of all, they are a small compact package that won’t weigh down your torch.

Monster™ Nozzles are a proven design used by top metal fabricators worldwide and outperform all of “the other guys’” flooding cups on the market. 

Nothing Beats Arc-Zone Quality

  • Nozzle body is made of a durable, non-reactive technical ceramic
  • Thread-on nozzle design for solid torch mounting with no wobbles, slippage or gas leaks
  • Proprietary diffuser screen stack is precision-machined from super alloys (no dissimilar metals)
  • No o-rings required - cup securely mounts to Teflon heat shield, no gas leaks, no high-freq arc-outs
  • No unnecessary add-on shields or protectors required
  • Consistent supply from a trusted company (TIG accessories is what we do - every day)
  • Readily available from local gas suppliers
  • Fair pricing for a high-quality product

Kit Includes:
1ea. Monster16™ #16 TIG Nozzle with Integrated, varying mesh screen stack diffuser
        ***Monster-Sized Kits Include Two Monster16™ TIG Nozzles with Integrated Screen Stack
1ea. Flow-tested Gas Lens Collet Body
1ea. Leak-tested Medium Back Cap
1ea. Leak-tested Button Back Cap
1ea. Heavy-Duty Wedge Collet
1ea. Teflon Heat Insulator

Note: To insure you get consistent performance, Monster™ TIG nozzles are ONLY sold in conjunction with Arc-Zone's Performance Proven™ torch parts.

Arc-Zone does not make any claims or guarantees of weld-quality improvements, or level of shield gas coverage. Results may vary, due to: weld station set-up, material preparation, gas quality, gas flow rates, flow meter type, gas hose material, welding machine, TIG torch, operator’s torch handling technique, etc.  

Monster™ #12, #14 & #16 Cup Best Practices, Set-Up Tips, Do's & Don'ts!
 -  The Monster™ Cup works best with Arc-Zone's flow-tested gas lens collet bodies.
 -  The Monster™ Cup is designed for Argon flow rates between 15-30 CFH (cubic feet hour).
 -  Do Not Exceed 175 amps for extended periods of time!
 -  The Monster™ Cup is Not designed for welding with AC current!
 -  Minimum tungsten stickout of 3/4" (19mm) -- Shorter stickout may result in damage (arc-out) to the screen stack.
 -  Use a medium or short back cap ONLY. Long back caps are known to cause gas inconsistencies due to trapped atmosphere in the top of the cap.
 -  Do not adjust the positioning, or modify the Screen Stack in any way. 

Monster™ nozzles are designed for precision TIG welding applications where increased shield gas coverage and tungsten stickout are needed. They are not designed for heavy-industrial pipe welding applications. The Monster15™ #15 Cup, however, may meet your needs for pipe welding and other heavy-duty applications.

Compatible with popular TIG torch models including:  A125 (WP-9), W250 (WP-20), W280 (CS310) and CK 2 Series. 
16™ 24™ #16™ #24™ are trademarks of Arc-Zone.com, Inc.

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Monster #16 Kit: 9/20 & 2-Series Torches

4.5 of 5 Stars! (5)

4.5 out of 5 stars

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5 of 5 Stars!
The new and improved Monster 16 is awesome. No more worrying about the bisket falling out like the original one. This gives you awesome coverage on all your outside edge, butt, lap joints. And everywhere else you can fit it. But with that said the one down fall is the size. Can't use it everywhere. But that's why they make different sizes.

I believe Arc-zone recommends around 40cfh for the gas flow. For this nozzle I crank it up to 50cfh. Be sure there's no cross winds or air movement while using larger diameter nozzles. They are very sensitive to that.

To see this nozzle in use check out my Instagram page @Mishler_made_fab

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5 of 5 Stars!
I wanted to update a review I did on this nozzle awhile back. Since my original review i still stand behind all that I said.

Since that review, Arc-Zone has come out with their new screen stack. It has made this nozzle even more impressive!

It can now weld at a much higher amperage without the fear that the scotch brite diffuser burning up and falling into your weld. Also the screen stack gives you a much more consistent gas coverage than before.

If you want to see this cup in action check out my Instagram @wicked_welding

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5 of 5 Stars!
This cup is a great inexpensive solution for oversized gas coverage! i've used this cup extensively on Stainless steel and have been extremely satisfied. The extra gas coverage was immediately noticeable, after the first test bead I laid down the HAZ band was drastically narrower, and the coloration of the cooled bead was much better; mostly clears and golds. I also like that this cup works with standard gas lenses too. The scotch brite biskets, are rated to 150 Amps, I believe, but the majority of welding I do rarely gets that hot, so no complaints here. I have yet to try this cup on Ti or Inco, but feel pretty confident it will hold it's own. I typically run this cup around 25 cfh with about a 1/2"-3/4" stick out, I've even heard some people are able to run this set up at 10cfh too! So, naturally their is a little test time setting it up before putting this cup to work. If you need extra gas coverage, this is by far the most cost effective solution. To get the best results, I would suggest picking up gas flow tester too, an added assurance that things wont go south on you. It's crazy to see the difference between what your flowmeter reads and what gas flow you actually get at the torch.

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3 of 5 Stars!
Nozzle works great at lower amperages. Over a 100 amps and the biscuit gets smoked very quick.

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5 of 5 Stars!
Ive used the monster nozzle for a week straight now and I'm impressed. I weld a lot of 14ga and 10ga 304l stainless in multiple positions and joint fit up and this cup has given me excellent gas coverage for everything that I've used it on. In fact I've never used a cup set up that has ever gave me such good gas coverage. I do a lot of weaving on wide welds and I always was never happy with my #8 gas lens gas coverage but the monster nozzle was able to cover my wide weave welds and the results I couldn't be happier with.

A few advantages of the monster nozzle are that is has a simple construction which makes ordering replacement parts easy and also it uses a standard collet and gas lens. Another great thing is that the monster nozzle has is the price point. For the $33.50 you pay its the best bang for your buck on the market.

The monster nozzle would be a great advantage to anyone that welds on stainless steel, titanium or steel if a long tungsten stick out is required. It is a great everyday tool for anyone that Tig welds on weldments that have to be aesthetically pleasing.

This monster nozzle is very versatile also. It can be used with multiple types of materials and positions. I even put this nozzle to the test on Arc Zones DIY semi-automation kit with great results.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend the Monster Nozzle kit to anyone that Tig welds on stainless steel, titanium or steel that requires a long tungsten stick out and wide gas coverage. The price of $33.50 can't be beat and its uses are awesome.

If you want to see the Monster Nozzle in action or the welds it produces check me out on Instagram @Wicked_Welding
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