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Mod-B Component For I-Purge Bag Systems

Mod-B Component For I-Purge Bag Systems

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Mod-B Component For I-Purge Bag Systems
Mod-B Component For I-Purge Bag Systems

Mod-B Inflatable Purge Bag Component (Select Size From Drop Down Menu Above)

Mod-B Component for I-Purge® Modular Inflatable Bag Systems.

Bag Features:

  • Spark Resistant Durable Exterior Cover
  • Heavy-Duty Interior Inflatable Bag
  • Corrosion Resistant Quick Connect Fittings
  • Preset Relief Valve Allows for Precise Flow Rates & Decreases the Risk of Over-Inflation
  • Inert Gas Diffuser Disperses Gas in All Directions Within the Weld Zone
  • Strong Pull Loops for Insertion and Removal
  • Made in USA

Aditional Literature:  I-Purge Inflatable Purge Bag Brochure: .pdf

Select Size From Drop Down Menu Above

Part # Diameter
AQS-ABLD-2 MOD-B 2" (51mm)
AQS-ABLD-3 MOD-B 3" (76mm)
AQS-ABLD-4 MOD-B 4" (102mm)
AQS-ABLD-5 MOD-B 5" (127mm)
AQS-ABLD-6 MOD-B 6" (152mm)
AQS-ABLD-8 MOD-B 8" (203mm)
AQS-ABLD-10 MOD-B 10" (254mm)
AQS-ABLD-12 MOD-B 12" (305mm)
AQS-ABLD-14 MOD-B 14" (356mm)
AQS-ABLD-16 MOD-B 16" (406mm)
AQS-ABLD-18 MOD-B 18" (457mm)
AQS-ABLD-20 MOD-B 20" (508mm)
AQS-ABLD-22 MOD-B 22" (559mm)
AQS-ABLD-24 MOD-B 24" (610mm)
AQS-ABLD-26 MOD-B 26" (660mm)
AQS-ABLD-28 MOD-B 28" (711mm)
AQS-ABLD-30 MOD-B 30" (762mm)
AQS-ABLD-32 MOD-B 32" (813mm)
AQS-ABLD-34 MOD-B 34" (864mm)
AQS-ABLD-36 MOD-B 36" (914mm)
AQS-ABLD-38 MOD-B 38" (965mm)
AQS-ABLD-40 MOD-B 40" (1,016mm)
AQS-ABLD-42 MOD-B 42" (1,067mm)
AQS-ABLD-44 MOD-B 44" (1,118mm)
AQS-ABLD-46 MOD-B 46" (1,168mm)
AQS-ABLD-48 MOD-B 48" (1,219mm)
AQS-ABLD-50 MOD-B 50" (1,270mm)
AQS-ABLD-52 MOD-B 52" (1,321mm)

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