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Upgrade Kits for Miller®

Take Your Miller® Diversion & Hobart® EZ-TIG Machine to Another Level of Performance!

Do you want to take your Miller Diversion 165™ / 180™ and Hobart EZ-TIG 165i TIG welding machine's performance to the next level?  Arc-Zone makes it easy for you to upgrade your entry level machine to out-perform anything in its class without dropping major coin on a new industrial grade power source!  

The JW Signature Series™ Welding Machine Upgrade Kits are engineered to maximize your welding machine's performance, while giving you the ability to choose the perfect TIG torch and accessories for your welding projects. 

Three Kits to Choose From:

1.    Air-Cooled Torch Update Kit: Thread-on torch adapter kit for air-cooled 12.5' (3.7m) or 25' (7.6m) TIG Torches allow you to connect a modern TIG torch to fit your needs & improve your machines performance & application versatility.

2.    Water-Cooled Torch & Work-Lead Update Kit: Twist-lock front panel TIG Torch & Work Lead receptacles allow you to connect Air - or - Water-Cooled TIG Torches & Work-Lead (ground) just like the more expensive Dynasty machines. 

3.    Internal Gas Supply Update Kit: Do you know what's happening under your TIG machines bonnet? Do you have gas leaks, are you drawing atmosphere into your argon supply?  Our state-of-the-art Gas Supply Upgrade Kits save gas & eliminate atmosphere contamination!

No matter what kit, or combination of kits you choose, we feel confident based on experience in our shop, and from customers just like you, that you can benefit from improved performance and application versatility-- or your money back!

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