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Welding Machine Upgrade Kits

Performance Proven Welding Machine Upgrade Kits

Whether you have a new inverter machine, or you want to update an older transformer based machine to the latest innovations in engineered materials and product design, Arc-Zone has got you covered.  For more than 25 years our founder Jim Watson has worked with welding equipment manufacturers and end users from around the world.  We've taken what Jim's learned and developed a new product line, the JW Signature Series™ -- Performance Proven™ products that you can benefit from using!

The JW Signature Series Welding Machine Upgrade Kits are designed to improve welding machine performance, operator comfort, weld-quality and lower operating costs.  Inverter power sources are highly engineered and expensive pieces of equipment, the challenge is, most of the peripherals available are reverse engineered copies of products designed in the late 70's.  Outdated designs, outdated materials, assembled by unskilled workers result in weld variations that are hard to track down and expensive to trouble shoot.  We solved the problem you didn't know you had, and we look forward to proving it!

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TIG Torch Upgrade Kit: Air/Water-Cooled Torches

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TIG Torch Upgrade Kit: Air/Water-Cooled Torches

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