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WeldX™ High-Temperature Welding Safety Apparel

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WeldX Jacket

[Part# MIL-247114 -- 21]

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5 of 5 Stars!
I want to start by saying this is my second piece of WeldX gear by Miller, and I am just as impressed with jacket as I am the sleeves !!!!

The Jacket has performed very well for me over the past couple months , and I have not been kind to it at all. I have been wearing during all my cutting operations , which includes some pretty serious gouging and plasma. I also have been welding non stop in this bad body using the mig, tig, and stick processes.

The weldX gear is so much lighter than leather I really can'tt believe it performs so well.. I don't know exactly what it is made of , but it's good stuff. haha The zipper front is a great change from snaps or buttons, and the fitted collar keeps the hot stuff out nicely.

The Weld X jacket would up anybody's game and I would recommend to anybody in the trade. Miller is once again is a the top of the hill when it comes to welder protection !!!

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