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EU 230V Cordless Sharpie DX™ Tungsten Grinder Adjustable 15°-45°


EU 230V Cordless Sharpie DX™ Tungsten Grinder Adjustable 15°-45°


Starting at: $417.00

You may have seen online me talking about this Sharpie but really wanted to leave a review here just in case you haven't seen it. I Love This Tool!! Recently, I upgraded my Sharpie to the 230V and man what a difference! Having the larger battery really is great! I have had this unit for a few weeks and have only charged it once. The ability to have it stand on it's end is great too being my work bench is small so it doesn't take up much room. Also with the larger battery I noticed that power is much stronger. The tungsten collets are a little tighter and have a smaller diameter so you can get a better angle when setting compared the the other version. The brass shaft is a little longer too allowing you to use a touch more of the wheel in its adjustment range. I picked the all red option for colors and it looks slick!

Overall this is a Great tool to have. I truly have enjoyed being able to just toss this tungsten grinder in my bag and take it everywhere I go to weld. Many places have no options or really sketchy ones so it's great knowing I'm covered. Another great thing is not having to leave my bench to sharpen a few tungstens. Just grab my Sharpie, sharpen, get back to welding! I really Love this Tool!! Well worth the investment!! Thank you Arc-Zone for offering this product! Keep up the great work!
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