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ArcTime™ Brand Hybrid, One Tungsten For All TIG/PAW Jobs

The Sky's The Limit With The NEW ArcTime Hybrid™ Electrodes!

State-of-the-Art, Non-Radioactive Tungsten Electrode Formula: For all metals, compatible with all welding machines.

Professional yacht tower fabricators, manufacturers of aerospace parts, and mountain bike builders have all selected ArcTime™ because of its excellent ignition properties, low burn off rate and longevity. As an added bonus, this hybrid tungsten electrode works well with all power sources and all metals from mild steel to titanium. The material is clearly differentiated by it's Sky Blue™ color code.

The NEW ArcTime™ offers all that, at a price even a hobbyist or small weld shop can afford.

We are so certain that fabricators will benefit from the new ArcTime™ we are offering a money back guarantee backed by our industry-leading No-Hassle Return Policy.

“You’ll notice a difference just by striking the first arc-- no finer electrode exists anywhere,” says Jim Watson, president and founder of Arc-Zone.com, Inc.

ArcTime™ Hybrid Performance Tungsten Electrodes™ pass Arc-Zone.com's 5-Point Inspection Program and are delivered complete with Arc-Zone's popular Guide to Tungsten (pdf), and Material Safety Data Sheet (pdf) .

Order yours today.

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