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Multi-Strike™ Brand Tungsten, Premium Blend

Premium Tungsten For All TIG /GTAW And Plasma Arc Welding Applications


Excellent Performance

With increased striking rate and a carefully balanced, consistent mix of non-radioactive dopants Multi-Strike™ tungsten electrodes perform exceptionally well in automatic welding applications.

Some manufacturers using robotic TIG or plasma welding processes have improved the number of arc starts by factors of up to one hundred, reducing down time dramatically.

The British Welding Institute evaluated Multi-Strike™ tungsten electrodes and report that Multi-Strikes are a valid alternative to thoriated tungstens.

Quality Manufacturing

Multi-Strike™ a non-radioactive tungsten electrode developed by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited (United Kingdom) Multi-Strike™ tungsten electrodes are manufactured in the world’s best tungsten manufacturing facility with adherence to statistical process control of all stages of the manufacture of electrodes from the introduction of the basic chemicals into the plant through to the final grinding and packaging of the product.

The distinctive environmentally friendly, green packet in which Multi-Strike™ tungstens are delivered helps to show users the guaranteed origin of these tungstens so that they are always aware that their tungstens come from the same highly repeatable and traceable source.

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