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Plasma Arc Welding

Minimize Downtime And Improve Plasma Arc Welding Performance with Performance Proven PAW Parts And Accessories From Arc-Zone.com®

Plasma Arc Welding (PAW) is a welding process in which an electronic arc ionizes a gas, generally argon (in some cases mixed gases are used; argon/helium argon/nitrogen) creating a super heated highly focused plasma arc column that generates the heat for welding. PAW is similar to TIG/GTAW welding except that the arc is focused through a constricting tip orifice which provides a much stiffer arc, with deeper penetration and a narrower heat affected arczone.

Plasma Arc Welding is clean and quiet, producing beautiful, cosmetic welds suited for high-precision/automated welding applications of exotic or thin materials down to foil thickness. The PAW process is particularly well suited for industries such as bio-med, pharmaceutical, food service, brewery, power generation, aircraft, aerospace, automotive and special interest auto, marine, and sporting equipment. The process can be manual, semi-automatic or robotic.

Plasma Arc Welding is a precise process and the slightest adjustments, or replacement parts inconsistency can cause problems. Minimize downtime and optimize your weld-quality by selecting high quality plasma arc welding accessories from a trusted supplier like Arc-Zone.com®.  You can count on the Plasma Arc Welding Experts at Arc-Zone.com® to deliver the highest-quality Plasma Arc Welding Torches, and Performance Proven Replacement Parts delivered to meet your production schedule demands.

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