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High-Purity TIG Torch Packages

State-of-the-Art High-Purity TIG Welding Torch Packages

Our JWS Pro Series™ are built to be an end-to-end solution from the welding power source to the weld station.  Off-the-shelf TIG torches may be fine for general purpose welding, but if you want to achieve consistent high-quality TIG welding of advanced materials -- you'll need to eliminate variables and lock down your gas delivery systems. 

Gas Contamination:
Most TIG torches are made with permeable rubber gas hose tubing and use inferior assembly techniques that are proven to aspirate gas and draw moisture and atmosphere contamination which ends up contaminating your welds. 

Wasted Gas:
Every time you stop at the end of a weld, you loose all the gas in your gas line.  Whats worse, your TIG torch back-fills with atmosphere and contamination.  Ideally between welds you should purge that contamination out, but that uses even more gas.  

The Solution:
JWS Pro Series™ New State-of-the-Art High Density, Non-Permeable Gas Hose and One-Way Gas Check Valve.  Our proprietary hose design is proven to save you money on expensive Argon gas, improve your weld-quality and consistency. Top Aerospace companies use our products to improve their TIG & PAW welded products and you can too!