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Precision Ground And Re-Ground Tungsten Electrodes

Precision, Custom Ground Tungsten Electrodes Minimize Production Variables

Arc-Zone can help you maximize your welding operations by using the best performing, precision ground tungsten electrodes available!  We deliver pre-ground electrodes with consistent finish and exceptional quality-- every electrode meets or exceeds ISO 6848 and AWS A5.12 standards.

Our precision CNC pre-ground electrodes will let you enjoy enhanced weld-quality and consistency. Precision diamond ground -- or -- diamond ground and polished to your specifications -- never worry again about inconsistent tungsten electrodes. Arc-Zone.com® delivers pre-ground electrodes for your orbital and "high-purity" automated applications, mechanized TIG welding, micro TIG welding, and Plasma Arc Welding applications.

We stock pre-ground tungsten electrodes for Weldcraft® WP-125 (MT-125) and WP-50 Micro TIG torches, and for your Thermal Dynamics® Plasma Arc Welding Torches. Ready for immediate delivery -- We can work with you to schedule deliveries based on your production demands.

  • Precise... Maintain specified electrode geometry for precise welds.
  • Practical... Our pre-ground electrodes minimize electrode shedding.
  • Efficient... Use our pre-ground electrodes to eliminate the maintenance and repair of dedicated tungsten grinding equipment.
  • Safe... Our pre-ground electrodes help you Improve safety and eliminate electrode grinding hazards.
  • Cost-effective... Save time and money because there's no need to stock bulk-quantities of expensive electrodes.

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