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Turbo-4, PrecisionTungsten Grinder (two-stage taper option) - $$

High-Performance, Compact And Safe Medium-Duty Tungsten Electrode Sharpener

Highly engineered tungsten electrode grinding machine uses a universal guide collet for precision grinding tungsten electrode diameters .040" , 1/16", 3/32" and 1/8" (1.0mm), (1.6mm), (2.4mm) and (3.2mm). Simply "dial in" your preferred grind angle using the angle pointer/degree scale assembly to achieve consistent precise grinds every time!   No more guess work, the Turbo 4 is precise, quite and easy to use. 

Productive: The only grinder on the market that allows you to grind a "standard" included angle (taper) --plus grind a "2-stage" taper ideal for extra-long weld run times and specialty TIG and Plasma Arc welding applications.

Safe:  Totally enclosed wheel design protects operators from grinding dust and debris.  

Precise: Precision grind tapers from 5-to-60 degrees included angle. Electrode set-back gauge allows you to set the exact tungsten depth, ideal for Micro-TIG and orbital welding applications.

  Optional short collet wand available for grinding electrodes as short as 1/2" (13mm) long and diameters up to 5/3
2" (4.0mm) (sold separately).

ortable: Semi-portable design, makes the Turbo 4 ideal for precision grinding and cutting of tungsten electrodes in-the-shop or on-the-job site -- just find a flat work area and plug it in.

Low-Cost of Operation:
This super high-quality machine is made in Japan, and is engineered for long, trouble-free operation. Replacement diamond wheels are less expensive than comparable machines, making the Turbo-4 an economical choice.

Arc-Zone.com Bonus -- Included With Your New Grinder -- You Get:

  • Arc-Zone's Guide To Selecting and Grinding Tungsten Electrodes - You will be welding like-a-pro!

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