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Safe, Dust-Free, Precision Wet Tungsten Grinder - $$$$

The Safe, Super-efficient, Environmentally Friendly Tungsten Grinding Solution

Liquid tungsten electrode grinder for precision, repeatable tungsten electrode preparation, the Neutra LTG tungsten electrode grinder meets strict environmental and workplace safety standards. This small, portable, benchtop tungsten electrode sharpener offers tungsten electrode grinding accurately and consistently and without airborn dust. 

Used on board USN Ships, and in Nuclear Power Plants around the world.

Our premium tungsten grinder offers ideal grinding geometry for maximum electrode life and improved arc characteristics.

Neutra LTG's advanced liquid grinding system provides accurate and consistent electrode grinding, and eliminates airborne dust and the need for a separate dust collection system.

  • EFFICIENT... Liquid-cooled, diamond-coated grinding wheel provides faster grinding and extended wheel life; tungsten runs cooler and won't discolor or degrade due to overheating.
  • CONSISTENT... Precision design delivers consistent electrode grind angle and high-quality finish resulting in high-quality welds, reduced contamination and fewer rejects.
  • CONVENIENT... Neutra LTG can be conveniently used with right- or left-hand operation.
  • ACCURATE... Universal collet holds tungsten tight for precision grinding and is designed to remove tungsten contamination without cutting or “breaking” electrodes thereby minimizing tungsten waste and damage.
  • SAFER... Liquid grinding is the safest way to grind tungsten electrodes. Users benefit from the elimination of airborne tungsten particles captured in the grinding fluid. Neutra LTG also eliminates problems associated with exhausting dust into filters. Additionally, contaminated grinding fluid can be easily collected in the supplied container for proper disposal.
  • QUIETER... Superior-quality low-noise motor is CE-marked and CSA-approved.
  • PRODUCTIVE... Neutra LTG allows you to grind electrodes as short as 1/2" (12.7mm) so you can utilize more of each electrode and reduce process cost.

Arc-Zone.com® offers a repair/exchange service and stocks the industry's most complete line of replacement parts for the ArcTime LTG, Neutra LTG, Abicor Binzel, Astaras and Black Gold type machines. Call Arc-Zone at 1.800.944.2243 for more information.

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