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Piranha II, Precision Grinds .040", 3/32" Made In U.S.A! - $$

The All New Piranha II series tungsten grinder is a purpose built, precision engineered tungsten electrode grinding machine designed to consistently grind taper angles from 10˚ - 60˚, on tungsten electrode sizes from .040" (1.0mm) to 3/32" (2.4mm) and as short as .75” (19.5mm)! 

The Piranha II tungsten grinder is economical to purchase and operate, simple to set up, and is safe and easy to use-- making it ideal for consistently precision grinding tungsten electrodes for a variety of welding applications.

• Precision tip flat gauge adjustment ensures exact tungsten points -- every time -- enabling consistent, repeatable arc starting and high-quality finished welds.
• Integral containment baffle keeps dust inside the grinder housing for safe, easy disposal.
• Tip flat block for square end grinding and removing contaminated tips.
• Electrode notching station for simple tungsten cut-off.
• Heavy-duty double-sided diamond wheel for long-life.

The New and Improved Piranha II tungsten grinder is perfect for Mechanized / Automatic TIG and Plasma Arc Welding, Manual TIG and Plasma Arc Welding and Orbital Tube and Pipe welding applications. Made in U.S.A. by Diamond Ground Products.

 Arc-Zone.com® stocks a complete line of genuine Diamond Ground Products replacement parts and tungsten grinding accessories, that are engineered to work with the Piranha II precision tungsten grinder.