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Turbo Ace, Light-Duty Semi-Automated Tungsten Grinder

Turbo Ace Semi-Automatic, High-Precision, Compact And Safe Light-Duty Tungsten Electrode Sharpener

The Only Semi-Automatic Tungsten Electrode Grinding Machine Available!
The Turbo Ace is a highly engineered precision tungsten grinder equipped with an adjustable Automatic Grinding Feature and Built-In Timer.  Simply insert the tungsten electrode to be ground, turn the machine on, and it grinds the electrode to a perfect and consistent taper -- then shuts of automatically!  No more operator guess work.  This grinder eliminates the "jack with factor" common with other "full feature" machines.

Precision Tip Flat Capability.  
The Turbo Ace is the only grinder on the market that delivers a consistent, precise -- and -- repeatable precision ground Tip Flat.

Smooth, Quiet, Safe and Dust-Free Tungsten Grinding.  
The Turbo Ace is a precision engineered compact, bench-top design with a Small Foot Print.  The Turbo Ace grinding wheel is completely enclosed, and all tungsten grinding dust is collected in a handy and safe pull-out drawer located at the base of the machine.  Simple, easy and Safe, what's more-- you will never have to discard dirty paper element filters, which are Inefficient and expensive, saving you time and money!

The Turbo Ace Grinder Features:  

  • Timed Automatic Rotation Of The Tungsten Electrode Being Ground
  • Precision Grind Angle Adjustment From 15º To 60º
  • Consistent, Precise, Repeatable Ground Tip Flat Capability
  • Enclosed Grinding Chamber With Dust Collection Drawer
  • Grinds Tungsten Diameters From .040" (1.0mm) To 1/8" (3.2mm)
  • Grinds Tungsten As Short As .4" (10mm)
  • Compact Unit Weighs Only 9lbs (4.1kg) and Measures 9” (228mm) x 4" (101) x 8" (203mm).

  Arc-Zone.com Bonus -- Included With Your New Grinder -- You Get:

  • Arc-Zone's Guide To Selecting and Grinding Tungsten Electrodes - You will be welding like-a-pro!


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