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Long-Lasting Diamond Grinding Wheels

High-Performance, Industrial Grade Diamond Grinding Wheels for all Popular Tungsten Electrode Grinders

Arc-Zone.com® is the world's leading supplier of high-quality diamond grinding wheels engineered to precision grind tungsten electrodes for the most demanding welding applications.  We'll deliver the diamond grinding wheels for your bench top or hand-held tungsten sharpeners. 

Don't buy cheap import wheels that are reverse engineered copies of copies. At Arc-Zone.com® we supply the highest-quality wheels Made In the USA at a fair price!

Wheel Core Exchange™
Arc-Zone.com® now offers a Wheel Core Exchange program for your spent diamond grinding wheels!  Return your worn-out diamond grinding wheels to Arc-Zone.com, and we’ll give you a $25.00 discount on a new wheel purchase within 30 days (applies to new wheels valued at $100.00 or more). By returning your used wheels, you’ll reduce the environmental impact of discarded diamond grinding wheels.  Better still, you’ll reduce the impact on your wallet!  Note:  Arc-Zone reserves the right to limit the number Wheel Core Exchanges and discontinue the program at any time without notice. Both the Wheels purchased and exchanged must be valued at $100 or more. Prior proof of Wheel purchase from Arc-Zone required.

We stock wheels for all popular tungsten electrode grinders - Sharpie™, Turbo Ace, Super Turbo, Turbo-4, Radnor, Weldmark®, OKI, Best Welds, Abicor Binzel®, Diamond Ground Products Piranha II, Piranha III and DGP, Neutra, Neutrix, Ultima TIG and Black Gold, Weldcraft® (formerly Georg Fisher +GF+ ESG Plus) Pro-Fusion Sharp Shooter, Intercon TIG 10/175, CK Worldwide® TurboSharp X and more! Custom diamond grinding wheels available by request.

Learn all about Replacement Grinding Wheels with Arc-Zone.com's Technical-Focus sheet on Grinding Tungsten Electrodes with Diamond Grinding Wheels (.pdf).

Sharpie™, Heavy-Duty Diamond Wheels™, High-Performance Diamond Wheels™, Long-Life Diamond Wheels™ Premium Diamond Wheels™ Extended-Life Diamond Wheels™, Wheel Core Exchange™ are Trademarks of Arc-Zone.com. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

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Diamond Grinding Wheel

INO-445 10 030
Diamond Grinding Wheel

Neutra Heavy-Duty Diamond Wheel™

INO-444 90 510
Neutra Heavy-Duty Diamond Wheel™
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