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ArcTime™ Brand Hybrid, One Tungsten For All TIG/PAW Jobs

The Sky's The Limit With ArcTime™ Hybrid Tungsten Electrodes!

New State-of-the-Art, Non-Radioactive Tungsten Electrode Formula:  Engineered For TIG/PAW welding of all metal types, and compatible with all welding machines.

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Fabricators from around the world are using ArcTime™ hybrid tungsten to improve weld-quality, lower tungsten inventory costs and minimize weld defects.  What started as a "cult  product" used by a select group of specialty manufacturers of yacht towers, aerospace parts, mountain bikes and race car parts-- has grown into the high-performance tungsten electrode material of choice for professional fabricators.  ArcTime™ brand hybrid formula tungsten electrodes. The best performing tungsten available.  "One Tungsten, No Limits"

Professional fabricators choose ArcTime™ because of its excellent ignition properties, low burn off rate and tip longevity.

No matter which TIG/PAW welding machine you use, ArcTime™ hybrid tungsten electrodes work well with all power sources and all metals from mild steel to titanium. The material is clearly differentiated by it's Sky Blue™ color code.

ArcTime™ Hybrid offers all that, at a price even a hobbyist or small weld shop can afford.

Arc-Time Hybrid Performance Electrodes ™ We are so certain that you will benefit from the new ArcTime™ Hybrid tungsten, we are offering a Unconditional Money Back Guarantee backed by our industry-leading No-Hassle Return Policy.

“We have tested and sold all the top blends of tungsten, and I fell confident saying no finer electrode exists anywhere,” says Jim Watson, CEO and founder of Arc-Zone.com, Inc.

ArcTime™ Hybrid Performance Tungsten Electrodes™ pass Arc-Zone.com's 5-Point Inspection Program and are delivered complete with Arc-Zone's popular Guide to Tungsten (pdf), and Material Safety Data Sheet (pdf) .

"One Tungsten, No Limits"  --  Order Yours Today!

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