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East/West Fingertip Amperage Controls for Lincoln, Miller & ESAB

Durable, Compact, Precision Fingertip Amperage Controls for Out-of-Position TIG Welding

Constructed with high-quality electronic components and proven, state-of-the-art amperage control technology, these controls are lightweight, and mount to any TIG torch handle for precise amperage adjustments and ability to start and stop arc.

Designed to meet the needs of a wide range of welding jobs, these lightweight yet durable, amperage controls feature a compact design for better comfort and increased productivity. A 27' (8.2m) control cable provides greater flexibility and can be readily upgraded to longer cables as needed.

  • ACCURATE... More precise current control is assured due to the rotary design that allows for easy on/off and smooth, small current adjustments
  • DEPENDABLE... Sealed head design and fewer components for worry-free performance and no required maintenance. Fingertip controls have been engineered and tested to effectively withstand the most demanding applications
  • COMFORTABLE... Small, compact design provides increased user comfort. In addition, the fingertip control can be hand-held or easily mounted on all popular TIG torch handles

    Note: If you use power supplies other than Lincoln® or Miller®, or if you prefer a different style switch -- check out our In-Line/North-South offering -- or contact Arc-Zone® for a solution to meet your specific needs.
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