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Weldcraft Water-Cooled TIG "QCS" Quick-Connect System

Genuine Quick-Connect System (QCS) Water-Cooled TIG Torch Connectors, Safe And Versatile Connectors From Weldcraft!

QCS system Versatile, Innovative, Safe and Easy to Hook-up!  Weldcraft's QCS Connectors are a complete line of DINSE connectors and water and gas hose quick-release couplers.  Choose From Large or Small, Gas-Thru and Standard DINSE style connectors, all in one easy to order and easy to assemble connector kit.   QCS connectors feature a two-piece design with a red rubber insulating boot that can fit most popular welding machines!  Weldcraft's QCS system also allows you to convert your water and gas hoses to the benefits of quick-release fittings.  Now you can quickly hook-up, or switch between your most used TIG torches -- no tools required!

Stop wasting time searching for the best deal from suppliers that don't have a clue about what's going on.  Arc-Zone.com makes it easy for you to find a quick-disconnect connector for your welding application and budget!

Need help figuring out which type of Weldcraft QCS connector you need for your machine?  Check out Arc-Zone.com's Weldcraft QCS Reference Guide(pdf). If you still need help, don't hesitate to contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Care representatives, they would be happy to help you!


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Large Water-Cooled DINSE Connector

MIL-195377 (Q5W)
Large Water-Cooled DINSE Connector

Large Water/Gas-Thru DINSE Connector

MIL-195380 (Q5WGT)
Large Water/Gas-Thru DINSE Connector

Custom Length Gas Hose Kit

40V77 - Custom
Custom Length Gas Hose Kit
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