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Water-Cooled TIG Connectors, Adapters and Hook-Up Kits

The World's Most Complete Line Of Water-Cooled TIG Torch Connectors, Backed By The Arc-Zone.com Team Of Experts

Quickly and easily connect your water-cooled TIG/GTAW torches to your TIG welding power supply. Choose from the world's largest selection and the industry's leading brands like CK Worldwide, Lenco and Weldcraft. Your one-stop-shop for DINSE connectors, Water/Gas-Thru DINSE connectors, bolt-on power cable adaptors, extension kits, and hook-up kits.

Whether you have a Miller, Lincoln, Thermal Arc, ESAB, Hobart, Weldmark, HTP or Everlast TIG Welding machine -- import or domestic -- Arc-Zone.com delivers the most complete range of quality products engineered to connect virtually any TIG torch to any machine! Easily upgrade your TIG machine from a threaded stud bolt-on style, to a quick-change DINSE connector, hook-up or extend your gas hoses in the shop, or on the job site with heavy-duty Western Enterprise quick-connect gas hose couplers and extension hoses. Tired of melting expensive TIG cables? CK's innovative SafeLoc adapter with integral "fuse-block" technology guarantees no more melted power cables-- it's a must have for any serious TIG setup


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