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Cable Connectors, Wet & Dry Dinse Plugs, Couplers, Fittings Etc.

From International Style "Twist-Lock" DINSE Connectors, to "Bolt-On" Power Cable Adapters, Extension Kits and Quick-Change Hose Couplers Arc-Zone.com® Has Everything Needed to Hook You Up!

To properly hook up your torch to your welding machine, the first thing you need to know is what kind of connection your machine supports. With older power supplies the torch bolts onto the machine via a threaded stud terminal while newer welding machines make use of an international style DINSE connector which plugs into the power supply. There are two sizes of DINSE connectors: small, which are approximately 5/16” (8.0mm) in diameter, or the more common large DINSE approximately 1/2” (13mm) in diameter. They twist and lock securely into place.

Some machines allow for a Gas Through DINSE connection, whereby your torch’s one-piece "mono cable" (power cable and gas hose) connects into the DINSE connector, eliminating the need for an additional gas connection. The gas flows from your tank and flowmeter/regulator through the machine to the connector and into the torch. Some power supplies use a Tweco type (also called American style) split pin connector that also twists and locks into place.

From standard DINSE plug connectors, Twist and Lock connectors and gas hose couplers to Plug-n-Weld™ retrofit kits, Arc-Zone.com® has all the components to hook you up! Consult your welding machine manual to know which connector you need. Or, if you no longer have your manual, give us a call.

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