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Cable Covers, Soft Leather & Flexible Nylon

Protect Your Valuable Cables From Damage, And Keep Them Neatly Bundled For Improved Safety And Convenience

Protect your TIG and Plasma Arc Welding hoses and cables by installing a protective cable cover.  For your convenience, Arc-Zone offers two styles:

Ballistic Nylon with Shielded Zipper Closure (black)

Soft Glove Leather with Velcro Closure (black)

Both materials offer cable protection and improve operator convenience and weldshop safety.  Leather/Velcro covers are more durable as the leather is more resilient when exposed to direct heat.  Nylon/Zippered covers are easy to install by way of the shielded zipper, but will melt when exposed to direct flame or sparks.  Bottom line is this: Nylon covers pick up shop floor debris, and will melt when exposed to sparks from MIG welding or Plasma cutting, so if your shop is hot and dirty Arc-Zone would suggest a leather cover!

Note: Leather covers are not the big, bulky "rough orange leather with snaps type" -- our thin, smooth leather covers are purpose built TIG/PAW covers and are extremely flexible.

For Information On How To Install Your New Cable Cover, Checkout Arc-Zone.com's Informative Installation Guide Here: Cable Cover Installation Guide.pdf.

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