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TIG Torch Power Cables, Water and Gas Hoses

Whether You've Got a CK Worldwide Flex-Loc TIG Torch, or a Weldcraft WP-50 Micro TIG Torch, We've Got The Power Cables, Gas and Water Hoses to Hook You Up!

TIG Torch packages come with either a low-cost PVC vinyl plastic power cable and hose set, or a premium high-flex, non-conductive rubber power cable and hose set.  These materials were chosen because they offer superior insulation properties, and are non-conductive, which is critical in TIG welding hose construction.

The picture on the left shows a braided rubber, and vinyl plastic hose.  Some TIG cables are built with a smooth rubber hose, (not shown) this is common with air-cooled single-piece, or mono cables.

Note: Torch packages, power cables and hoses can be identified by the part number -- they typically have an "R" at the end of the part number which indicates "rubber" hose material.

Vinyl (plastic) vs. Rubber -- Which is Better?  

It comes down to your budget!  Arc-Zone recommends rubber power cables, water and gas hoses.  Rubber cables are more durable, more flexible, and not as susceptible to melting when exposed to direct heat. 

Note: For certain high-purity TIG/GTAW welding applications a vinyl hose may be preferable, specifically when welding titanium.  If you are interested and want to learn more-- Check out my story over on the JoeWelder.com blog "Rubber versus Vinyl Plastic Hoses, Which is better?"

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CS310, 25' Gas Hose

CS310, 25' Gas Hose

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CS410, 25' Gas Hose

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