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"Do It Yourself" Welding Automation Kits & Accessories

Scalable Welding Automation Solutions Designed To Increase Your Weld Production, Quality And Consistency

Arc-Zone's Automated Welding Systems are a combination of a "Do It Yourself" Kit, Welding Positioner and Automated Accessories.  Choose from a range of components engineered to deliver flexibility in your automated welding system. Components are easy to change, minimizing setup time and maximizing welding productivity.

Our scalable automated welding kits, deliver high-quality circumferential welds, and provide the advantage of fast pay-back, improved operator safety and less worker fatigue. Our automated welding systems are designed for easy ordering -- just select a "Do It Yourself" Automated Welding Kit, Welding Positioner and any additional accessories you need to optimize your application and budget.

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