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Pre-Ground & Re-Ground Tungsten Electrodes Services

Complete the fields below to submit your Custom Pre-Ground Tungsten Requirements & we will follow up promptly with a quote. Arc-Zone supplies many top automation customers with our high-quality CNC precision diamond ground electrodes. 

Each electrode is precision cut-to-length & ground using the finest materials. We skillfully, clean, label & package them to meet your TIG, Plasma Arc Welding, machine mounted or Orbital equipment specifications.  Our Re-Grinding Service refurbishes your spent electrodes to like new condition, extending service life & lowering your welding costs.

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Pre-Ground Electrode Request Form

* Select Tungsten Blend
Arc-Zone uses only the highest quality electrodes from the most trusted manufacturers. If you have a preferred brand, please enter it here. If you don't see the brand you're looking for, please enter it into the comments field below.
* Select Electrode Diameter
* Enter total length of electrode
* Enter Taper
* Enter diameter of flat tip.
* Select for electrodes to be ground on both ends.
* Minimum Quantity of 50 Required.
Indicate if there is an OEM part number associated with the requested electrode.
Please list any additional requirements here.
Upload a technical drawing with exact specifications. Files must be in pdf, jpg, gif, or png formats.

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